Construction Services

We are working in the field of real estate & property development since its establishment. We develop Residential Building to Commercial Property and also manage the construction process. We work with many different counterparts along each step of this process including architects, city planner, engineers, surveyor, inspectors, contractors, lawyers, Real estate agents etc.

Besides building construction services we are focused on following works regarding home and buildings. 


Retrofitting works:
Seismic Retrofitting Primarily meant to enhance the safety of the existing structure in earthquake. Retrofitting an existing building can after times be more cost effective than building a new one.

Seismic Retrofitting:
            It is the method of strengthening of the already built damaged/undamaged, old/new structure. Which is found to be weak in earthquake loading that may occur in future. We are providing Retrofit services to Buildings that are vulnerable from earthquake.

Water Proofing works:
        Water proofing is the process of making an object or structure water proof or water resistant. Water proofing is used in reference to building structure such as basement, deck or wet area
        There are some common types of water proofing methods used in construction industry, water proofing in building structure are generally required for.

The following water proofing methods are commonly used in construction,
1.    Cementation water proofing
2.    Liquid water proofing membranes
3.    Bituminizes membrane
4.    Bituminous Coating
5.    Polyurethane liquid membrane. is providing water proofing services to various buildings and other structure since it’s establishments.

Renovation & Maintenance:
    Renovation (also called remodeling) is the process of improving building system and heritage sites. is a leading provider of renovation & extension services. HDN combines technical precision, superior work ethic and portion for customer satisfaction. Our team of renovation and extension specialist can deal with anything from building new rooms to fitting. We have extensive knowledge of the newest techniques and products available .we are happy to take on creative and unusual projects.
    A “HDN renovation and extension service” is brand name in national level. We have the goal to deliver the best quality service in a quick and efficient time frame.

Steel & Prefab Structure:
              Steel Structure is the structure where pre-fabricated steel parts and components are assembled on construction site.
A prefabricated building informally "Prefab" is a building that is manufactured on site using readymade construction materials included steel, aluminum, timber etc.” is constructing pre-fabricated homes for residential, commercial & public uses since its establishment.
 Commercial steel structure generally constructed for party palace, petrol pump, ware house, etc. whereas community hall, health post, store etc is built for public purpose.