Vaastu Consultancy

The science works on the basic principle that the earth (or) soil is actually alive and that all living (or) organic creature emerge directly from it. This life force with the earth is called Vaastu and all object placed on it share this life forces.
                  When we design home/building interior as per the principle of Vaastu. It always shows good results and brings happiness & prosperity for the residents. It also brings positive energy to the home owner. In the Architecture of residential home plan vaastu plays an important role. Nowadays it's deciding factor for the placement of main feature like Kitchen, Stair, Master Bed room, Kids room, Water tank etc.
There are 8 directions that apply to every plot (or) a home building.
                   Every direction has a distinct influence on home/building if they are all put to proper use (as per sasthara) the 8 lords the Astha Dev will usher health & prosperity in the household.

vastu  vastu  vastu

Our designer will design your home, Interior by considering vaastu norms as possible.