Why home designer Nepal ?

homedesignernepal.com is run by the experienced Engineering, Architectural and Interior Designing consulting firm. We have specialization in developing custom home plans, remodeling of existing home plans, renovation of exterior elevation and interior planning and designing solution are developed to offer our clients liability and style.
                  Our experience in implementing the most recent engineering design helped us to provide our clients cost effective design solution. We design and develop the drawing having client's specific requirement in thought.

Are you searching best designer?
               Building a home is always a dream for many of us. We can also say it as a once in life time endear of for most of us. Therefore the home plans to be best as per your requirements. We at home designer Nepal will asset you responsibly in this crucial decision.

             Designing home is a collective decision of all family members, so first of all note your basic requirement of present & future which should be in your home plan. Make a wish list of all the essential for your new home like the style, number of story, number of bedroom and bath, number of assembly areas like living space, dinning space, luxurious master bath, master suit etc.

Now, it's time to choose Architect and engineer to design your house plan as per architecture & engineering feasibilities. homedesignernepal.com provides complete designing and municipal registration services of your home plan. Our home plans based on eco-friendly energy efficiency, vaastu complaints, Green house proper ventilation and best suited to the environment.


Why professional designer ?
                Professional designer, Architecture, Engineers create an innovative idea in the form of optimum utilization of space and proper ventilation, also it includes interior scheme of decoration furnishing lighting and other effects.

homedesignernepal.com pleased to undertake any (or) all of these parts by arrangement with the client, regardless of the size of the projects.